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Posted By Rhino on 05/07/12 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


This is why you can’t have nice things!

Her name is Victoria and she took these pictures for her boyfriend. Can you believe it? She actually believed that douch-bag when he told her that he’d never show anybody else the photos. Well, here’s to kissing and telling!


It is photos like these that make me wish I could go back in time. Back to high school. Oh how I would have picked my girlfriends differently!

For starters, "fat chicks" with wide asses and big boobs would have made it into my black book. Fuck you, Barbie! You screwed up my life! I should have been paying more attention to girls like Victoria!

Actually, I should have been listening a lot more to my black friends. There is a reason black guys bang fat bitches and it isn’t because they are genetically predisposed to wide hips. It is because you can control them better!

It is a fact that fat chicks have a lower self esteem them skinny chicks. That means they are willing to work harder to make the relationship work. Want me to spend money on you? Going to have to suck it bitch!

You can get back to those wonderful times and replay your college days all over again, including Spring Break with a password to Busty GFs Exposed. As part of the network you get unlimited access to gigs of amateur porn.

Tons of self shot pics of hot teen girls and young couples. Even girls getting frisky with one another! Along with the photos you get access to the videos! Stream them, download them, watch them on any device capable of playing video!

Busty GFs Exposed is like a fountain of youth!

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Posted By Rhino on 04/11/12 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


We are having another rainy day here in Southern California and it is making me wish it was summertime! I can’t wait to hit the river to find girls like I Want Katie with her big boobs! Girls that don’t mind if you look and enjoy all of the attention their cock knockers bring them!

Until then I guess I will be spending my days (and nights) at! She has lots of hot friends like Lili Jensen and Skye Model. The best part? You get access to them all!

No matter what mother nature brings you, you can always find a good time with the good girls at the Good Girls Pass!

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Posted By Rhino on 02/14/12 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs

While on Facebook this morning I saw a picture somebody posted that included an old pinup picture next to a picture of a Hollywood celebrity frolicking in the water at a beach. The caption under them said something about how hot the full figured pinup girl was and how trashy the celebrity was…

I for one never fell into the Barbie trap. If a girl has big boobs I prefer that they be real big boobs… No, I don’t mean super huge, although that would be great too, I mean real tits, not fake ones.

Rosie Jaye has real big boobs, and, they are huge. Along with her big tits she has a nice tight cunny. You get to see all of her body parts and those of her friends!

Get the only pass specially in girls with big boobs!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/27/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


Welcome to the wonderfully whacky world of girls with big boobs. Today’s teen with tits is none other than the well-endowed Dawson Miller!

Dawson has a spunky attitude and vivaciousness that mirrors that of old TV favorites like Gidget and That Girl. The main difference between her and her elder counterparts is that Dawson Miller has huge tits and isn’t afraid to unleash them on her unsuspecting fans!

While Dawson gets completely naked in many of her photo galleries and her videos, she also does a lot of teasing before she springs the goods on you. Many of her photo shoots feature wonderful camel toe shots and hard nipples underneath flimsy shirts.

Members can keep up on all of Dawson’s latest escapades by reading her private diary. In it she details her daily life and often includes pics from behind the scenes stuff or zany stuff like flashing her big boobs out in public!

Take the Dawson Miller tour to get a flash of your own!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/11/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs

You know what they say… If you’ve got them, flaunt them and Tegan Brady is definitely a girl with big boobs. Her melons look like fluffy pillows perfect for resting your head or even to build strength and dexterity in your hands!

Tegan only shows off these fluffy boobies to her members so you’d better grab a pass and then grab some mammary muffins!

Members also get access to Tegan’s friends like Dream of Ashley and Emilys Dream.

Dreaming… Dreaming of fluf-fy boobs!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/01/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


Last night I was checking out a new site called Whitney 36DD while a buddy of mine was over. He asked what the big deal was… Girls like Whitney are a dime a dozen. I just laughed and he wondered why I was laughing at him.

The reason I was laughing at him is he was right. There were plenty of girls in high school and college like Whitney. They were girls with big boobs. They were the hottest girls in the school, but they were plenty fuckable. But they all lacked one thing that Whitney has, the guts to flaunt her rack on the Internet!

I had some of my best sexual encounters with girls like Whitney 36DD and I haven’t a single picture or video to show for it. With her desire to be online I can enjoy her luscious boobs over and over again!




So if enjoying Whitney 36DD is making me mediocre, I guess I am mediocre. I just can’t say no to that tight pussy of hers!

Along with Whitney you get access to all of her friends like Felicity Fey, Princess Cameron, Katie Fey, Allie Pierce and many more. A total of 80 to be exact!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/11/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


Truth is you probably went to school with chicks this hot. No really! Walking all around you were girls as hot as Sophia H. from FemJoy, but they lacked the hair and makeup acumen to look like this every day of the week.

High school is long gone, but the girls with big boobs don’t have to be. You can get a double dose of young hotties with big boobs every day of the week!

Each photo shoot has a high definition video to go with it. We are talking crystal clear. These videos are literally DVD quality which means you can play them on your HDTV in the living room.







Hmm… Perhaps the wife should take the kids to see grandma tomorrow?

Get more girls with big boobs at FemJoy!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/24/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs

Mai is one of my favorite big boobs teens. She has been on quite a few sites and she really knows what big boobs lovers want!

In this Nubiles video Mai plays with her huge juggs and then removes her panties to jiggle her tits with them. You can easily imagine this girl massaging her ample boobs out of curiosity when nobody else is around.

You probably are a bit surprised to see me talking about in relations to girls with big boobs. With over 980 models Nubiles is no longer just about softcore petite girls! Now they add a new girl each week that does hardcore and two more models that still do softcore.

Get all of your fetishes in one spot with!

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Posted By on 10/07/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


Erin Avery is a fantastic looking young woman, she has a beautiful face and excellent big boobs.  Erin can be found at Just Legal Babes if you like what you see, I know I sure do.

But what I like most about Just Legal Babes is that they have those nice flat tummies that shows off their big boobs and shapely asses.

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Posted By on 09/21/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


This girl Busty Haley has some seriously big boobs, I don’t know what I would like to do more.  Motorboat? or Pearl Necklace?  Well let me just tell you, if you are going for the daily double i would make sure I did it in that order.

If you reverse that order it could be messy, unless you like the snowball effect.  To each his own is what I believe, you want to wear your own sperm than more power to you.  I would rather jizz in Busty Haley pussy after I motorboat her big boobs, at least the first several times….

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Posted By on 09/14/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


Natalie Spice is a sexy Latina babe with some spectacular big boobs. I want to suck those titties so bad that I keep frying computer screens.

But Natalie Spice is not just a big boobs model, she is very sexy and curvaceous Latina who is not afraid to show us all her goods.  Her ass and pussy are magical to say it lightly, it is a must see. 

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Posted By Rhino on 08/14/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


I have written about a lot of girls with big boobs, but Bryci here is one of my favorites. The reason? She is a real model. Unlike a lot of girls out there doing "porn", Bryci is an Internet model with heavy emphasis on the model part!

So instead of some chick that is hot, but doesn’t know dick about shit, you get Bryci. A knowledgeable expert in the subject of getting you off! has pics of this girl in the 4000 pixel format. With her big boobs and her Cleft of Venus  that translates into one  hell of a hot babe. Her videos are shot in HD so you can enjoy every square inch of this hottie!


Along with Bryci you get her friends like Katie Banks, Monroe Lee and Ava Dawn. So why are you still reading when you could be clicking on hot girls with big boobs?

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Posted By Rhino on 08/09/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


One look at Lucia from Total Super Cuties and I am thrown back decades in time. My best friend growing up had a sister much like Lucia. A full figured body light years beyond the girls my age and a sweet set of springy big boobs!

I used to masturbate to thoughts of fucking those big boobs on a nightly basis. Then one day when I was at their house I noticed her bedroom door open. I had to go in for a look. Right away I saw a freshly worn pair of panties hanging off of the clothes hamper.

Without delay I swooped over and brought them up to my nose. I had never done anything like this before, much less thought about it… I was running on autopilot. A victim of instincts!

Right as I got a whiff of her pussy she entered the room and gasped at me. I fully expected her to grab me by my ear and take me to my mom!

Instead Lucia closed and locked her door before she started giggling, and pushed me back onto her bed. This bed sat only inches off of the ground so now I was staring up at her bikini bottoms… with her in them!

"What were you going to do with those you naughty boy?" She asked me.

All I could do was stutter. I could feel the heat coming off of my red cheeks. My eyes were locked on the camel toe her bikini was making as it got sucked into her cleft of Venus.

"I bet you were going to rub those all over your dick weren’t you?" She added.

"NO! I…"

She cut me off.

"Yes you were. Such a naughty, naughty boy you are. Did you like the smell of my pussy, naughty boy? [giggles] I bet smelling my pussy made your dick super hard. Why don’t you show it to me?!?!"

I could feel my dick straining hard against my swim trunks. It was actually painful!

"Come on… you can show me. I won’t laugh. I like seeing hard pricks!" She commanded.

I wanted to show her my dick, but I didn’t know if it was big enough or what, and I didn’t want her to tell everyone if it wasn’t.

"I can already see it is a big one. Just pull your shorts over and show it to me. I want to see it!"

Reluctantly I slowly pulled my shorts over and my dick popped out.

"Wow! See I knew it was a big one. It is drooling, haha! I’m sorry, pull on it and make more stuff come out."

Again, I wanted to show her how I jacked off thinking about her and her big boobs, but it was just way too embarrassing! I grabbed my cock and stood it straight up before giving it one slow tug so more precum would dribble out.

"Do you want to see my boobies?" She asked.

My eyes and face gave her my answer. She slowly edged her shirt up and instinctively I began to tug on my cock. My precum hit my fingers and I rolled my hand over the head to work it down the shaft.

"There… See? Does that make your dick feel good?"

"yes…" I said under my breath.

"I bet you jack that thing off every night before bed. I don’t know how you couldn’t. I would if I had a dick that big. I’d jackoff several times a day!" She exclaimed excitedly.

Wow… This is the same type of shit my friends and I said about Lucia! Stuff like, "Dude, if I had tits that big I’d rub lotion into them daily," and, "Damn, if I had a body that fine I’d be getting it on with myself!"

Here I was hearing the very same stuff from her! Was it possible that guys and girls thought the same things about each other? Did Lucia masturbate about me?

"I want to see your pussy too." I told her.

"Oh really? Do you? I bet you do!" She said as she rubbed her nipples and licked one of her fingers.

Oh man! Her tongue on my cock. Did she just put that into my head on purpose? Not having had a blowjob yet I could only imagine how soft her tongue would be and I’d be way off from the actual feeling!

"Come on… I am showing you how I think about you at night, you should have to show me your pussy."

"Sorry, but this is all for you, bud. I don’t think about you that way…" She tried to tell me, but I could see the wet spot on her bikini growing. She did think of my in that way and she probably was afraid I would tell others about having fucked her if she allowed things to get out of hand.

Again I pleaded with her, "Come on, I can see your pussy is getting super wet. Let me smell the real thing. Let me kiss your pussy for you."

Lucia looked at her closed door and grinned. Then she pushed her hips towards me until her bikini covered pussy was an inch from my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and rubbed it from the wet patch up to the top of her pussy crack. She rocked her hips at that point to bring my tongue inline with her clit and I focused on this strange button sensing that it was what she had wanted.

Not long after finding her clit I felt hands on the back of my head pushing my face into her crotch. After about 40 to 50 seconds of this Lucia pulled her bikini crotch over so my tongue was skin on skin with her clit.

Lucia started to moan and buck her hips in rhythm to my tongue flicks. Suddenly she pulled me sideways and knelt on the bed holding my face to her pussy. Some more shifting around and we were laying on her bed with my tongue deep inside her pussy.

While her panties smelled of pee, her pussy tasted and smelled like nothing I’d ever experienced before. She was very clean down there. To be honest it didn’t smell or taste like anything, yet did like something good!

Next, I felt Lucia’s tongue on the head of my cock. It was way more amazing than I could have imagined. I then felt her entire mouth working its way down the shaft. Her lips touched my fingers and I moved them down to the base hoping she would swallow me whole!

That is just what she did! Her warm lips and soft tongue rubbing the head of my cock made me want to explode in her mouth. I also wanted her to feel this good so I gently sucked on her clit while rubbing my tongue over it. Then I put two fingers into her pussy hole. Holy shit it was soft! And wet!

Just as I was getting ready to blow I could feel her pussy clamping around my fingers painfully. Damn this thing was strong! She kept my cock in her mouth, but she unlocked her lips to get more air as a wave of orgasm washed over her. Just then I released my cum and she jerked it into her mouth.

As we both awoke from our orgasmic trances we both wondered aloud about how much time had passed?!?! We giggled a little and she made me swear I wouldn’t tell anyone about this. I let her know I wasn’t about to tell anyone I jacked off.

Looking back I can see how childish that must have sounded. She was in college where everyone knew everyone jacked off. I was still in high school where everyone swore on their mother’s life they never even considered doing such a thing. LOL

We were both still laying next to each other fondling each others genitals when we heard a knock at her door. It was her brother asking if I was in there. She quickly yelled out, of course not, and he went away. I got dressed and climbed out her window into the backyard and then into the Jacuzzi. When her brother found me I just told him I was in the shitter and he didn’t want to know any more about it.

Total Super Cuties is filled with girls with the power to bring up old memories like this. Even if you didn’t get as lucky as I did back in the day I am sure that, with a little help from the girls, you can think of something equally nasty!

With dozens of models and each doing several videos and/or picture sets you have lots of inspiration. Some girls have over 60 videos/picture sets making their sections look more like full solo model sites!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/31/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


Those lovely melons belong to Rosie Jaye, but you can rent them out on her web cam whenever you need a pick-me-up. This redhead teen has it all with a juicy rack of tits, a phat booty and one heck of a peach for a pussy. I mean, the thing is a puffy gash of goodness!

Rosie Jaye updates her site with big boobs pics ever week and adds a new video too. You can watch her and her friends getting kinky in their web cam shows.

I can guarantee you one thing… Once you see this babes pussy you are going to blow a meaty hole through your pants, so get your cock out first!

Posted By Rhino on 07/21/11 - Bookmark Girls With Big Boobs


When I was in high school you had two options for pics like these. You could either jack your parents Polaroid camera and buy some very expensive film to take pics of your girlfriend or you could use a normal camera and risk getting caught by the photo processing company. Not too mention your GF usually was too embarrassed to go that route.

These days girls with big boobs can send naked pics to their boyfriends with the click of a button using their cell phone. No expensive film or embarrassing processing needed!

Of course even this mode of transmission has it’s follies. What happens when a girl breaks up with her boyfriend? Or, what about if he is the kiss and tell type?

When that happens we end up with sites like My Big Tit GF. Now you don’t even have to have a big boobs girlfriend to see big boobs all day long!

My Big Tit GF updates daily and has both, candid pics and homemade videos! Now even a schlub like me can check out girls big boobs!

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